Reload From Server...? [SOLVED]

(Peter) #1

Hi there.

Is there a way I can reload a published website - back onto my working copy within Rapidweaver?

I was having some CMS issues - and decided to completely delete the site off the server and republish.

Turns out - I made things go from bad to worse.

I could start over - but…

Although I deleted all the files on the server - they were still available in the trash.

When I moved them back into the correct place - I was back to where I started - which is OK.

Now - I’d like to download that site - back onto my computer - and start again from that…

Is this possible?



(Doug Bennett) #2

If you’re running RW 7 and you had your publishing settings to backup to the server. Then you could reload the project file back from the server assuming you recovered the backup as well.
If all you did was delete the site from the server, you should still have the project file on your Mac or perhaps a time machine backup.
There’s no way to create a project file from a published site other than to copy and paste from the website to a new RW project.

(Peter) #3

I am on RW 7 - but never noticed this feature. Will set it now - lesson learned.

Brilliant idea - never thought of that - just did a back up of my computer a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks for the advice teefers!


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