! HELP ! My site is heavily damaged after updating


I have just installed the recommended Foundation updates, and now my site is heavily damaged.

I can not attatch the project file here, but I can send it by e-mail if needed.

When published it looks like this: http://genealogiskforum.dk/

And it should be looking like this, which is the last locally exported project I have published (from before the updates): http://genealogiskforum.dk/Restore/

Since the site at the moment only consists of one page, I have tried to make a new project, copying the elements from the original project to the new, but it gives the same bad result.

I have three other project in progress right now, and now I don’t dare to re-publish or re-export any of them because I fear that they will be accordingly damaged.

I really hope that someone can help me fixing this.

@peterkroman That is simply because you haven’t updated the theme. The current theme version to go with the updated stacks is v.1.6 Simply download it from here https://foundation.joeworkman.net/theme/ and your site will be fine.

I would also recommend investing in Nimblehost Waterfalll, that way you can easily check for foundation (and other) theme updates and be sure that everything is current.

Thansk @tav

That helped. My site is definately not looking as it did before, but now I can fix it my self.

Is it so that these updates change some things in the layout every time? I believe I had the same experience the last time I updated. At that time I had only one project. Now I have more projects, and it means some extra work if I have to redo layout stuff every time an update is available :slight_smile:

I thought that Foundation stacks and theme were updated automaticly when updating :slight_smile:
I have actually purchased the Waterfall plugin now - could you give a line on how to use it?

The stacks will auto update, the theme needs to be updated separately - either manually or with waterfall. Theme updates are not usually required with minor stacks updates.

Your layout should be unaffected in F1.6 though. This theme update was a bit more of a major one as Joe moved the Foundation CSS back into the theme and out of the stacks. Your pages certainly should not need re-working every time there is an update. I would strongly suggest that you join the G+ group where there a many hundreds of Foundation users, many of whom will jump in with advice after probably experiencing similar issues at some point.

Regarding WaterFall, just add a WaterFall type page to any project temporarily (I usually just use a fresh blank project) and it will show you a list of themes with updates available. Click update and you’re done. Simple as that.

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Thanks @tav

I am allready a member of the G+ group (just have forgotten all about it :slight_smile: )

I don’t know whether you use Cloudflare but if you go to the Google+ pages, you’ll see that I had a problem after updating… until I remembered that CloudFlare was cacheing the site.


Just a suggestion as there were so many updates to Foundation over the last few days…

In the future, never work on your live site, always work on a duplicate to test the new version prior to going live, this will save you hours of grief as you try to figure out what is going on.

Please note this is not directed at Foundation itself but is with any new BIG updates to any Themes, Plugins or Stacks…

Just an FYI tip