Help on Conditional Logic Form

So, I thought, I have this pretty simple form, I will go ahead and build the form, but like most times I have underestimated code. I’m having trouble emailing the form to myself. The form goes to some php that’s intended to email the form to myself. I tried to follow this guide.

Link to my form:

Hi Eric,

It’s hard to say what might be happening. PHP doesn’t really show us much on the browsers side.

Have you tried taking a look at the PHP log file. You might have to contact the host company to find where they put them.

By default PHP doesn’t show errors on the browser, it traps them and logs them.

If you’re on a test site and aren’t worried about errors popping up on the browser you can try turning errors back on while you are debugging by adding this to the htaccess file.

php_flag display_startup_errors on
php_flag display_errors on

Then when you have it working, just remove those directives from the htaccess file.

Make sure the email address you are having the form sent to is one that is hosted by the hosting provider. Email addresses like or are unlikely to work.