Running RW6 and RW7 side by side

Is there any reason why RW6 should not be open at the same time as RW7? Are there any reasons why it we should remove RW6 to avoid potential conflicts with RW7?

I’ve been running both side-by-side for months on end now with absolutely no problems, often having both running at the same time. I can’t think of any problems that I ran into the whole time I was doing so.


Same here never had an issue with the betas

This is encouraging.

Can a Stacks project, i.e. not a project based on a theme, be created in RW7 be opened OK in RW6?

The sitefiles are NOT backwards compatible.

v.6 are site.rw6

v.7 are

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There is no problem to use both versions at the same time.

And if you want to use the same Addon folders you can link from the program preferences of RapidWeaver 7 to the Addon folder of RapidWeaver 6

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Can you also Export to a folder and use your own FTP in RW7?

At about 4min 45s this video explains local publishing:
You can use your FTP software for this folder.

You can export to a local folder and then upload with a FTP program. I use Transmit, what is able to synchronize my export folder with my webspace.

In RW 7 it is really easy to use different export and upload options

I found the FTP uploads in RW6 very unreliable and tended to use Yummy FTP. In RW7 it’s definitely better but tending to hang on the last page and I eventually have to press the cancel button much of the time. This is happening when uploading at the slowest and theoretically most reliable speed but I’ll try setting it a bit faster to see if that helps. Yummy never had a problem uploading at much faster speeds and I know it works.

One minor problem I have encountered with RW7 is that you cannot preview warehoused images with hot link protection enabled on the server and this is not a problem with RW6. I think this is related to the new preview setup and I reported this as a beta tester. I’ve heard it said that previews in RW7 are much faster but that is not my experience at all.

Overall I think RW7 is much more stable than RW6 was when first released and I don’t have any qualms about using it regularly. I had become used to the interface of RW6 but RW7 is an improvement once you become used to the changes. It’s a slight pity there is no way to convert RW7 files so they can be opened in RW6.

Good to know you can link to the Add-on folder of RW6 because I have been updating them independently. I only noticed yesterday that RW6 had been updated to version 6.4.

That is what I was hoping to hear. Thanks

That’s why I want to use my own FTP which is always super quick, utterly reliable and no messing about with settings.

The warehoused image thing is a bit concerning. There appears to be no discussion of warehoused images in any of the RW7 announcements.

I haven’t had an issue with using warehoused images in RW7 if hot link protection is disabled. I upload them via Yummy and just link to them in RW.

The problem occurs when hot link protection is enabled. At that point the images appear in edit mode so you know they are correctly linked but when you switch to preview mode you end up with blank spaces and a “?” for a missing image. The published site works fine but effectively you have to disable hot link protection at present while working on your site.

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