Website inside website

RW7. I have a website for my business (A) and also own another domain name (B), the subject of which is related to my business.

Rather than launch B as a separate site, I should like to incorporate B into A. Can that be done? Is there a stack for it? And what would be the disadvantages in having a ‘combined’ site, rather than 2 separate sites?

Not sure if I understand what you mean by “combining”.

Are they separate Domains that exist now?

Are you wanting to eliminate the second domain or try to keep the domain name and somehow combine the project file?

If one of the sites is of lesser-importance, compared to the other, then you could consider using sub-domains. For example:

Main site:
Other site:

Therefore they would both be under the same “umbrella” of your branding and web hosting. But continue to function as slightly separate websites.

If you were trying to explain merging the content of one website inside another, then about your only option is iFrames. Easy to setup, but they carry quite a number of limitations.

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