⭐️ HELP! We need your Video Testimonial for RapidWeaver! ⭐️

(Dan) #22

Thanks guys, keep them coming!

(Lisa Sandler) #23

Sending one to you now :slight_smile:

(Dan) #24

(glenn seller) #25

@dan Are you still looking for video’s ?


(Dan) #26

Oh yeah, always.

Just make sure it’s the raw video, no editing or jazzy music :slight_smile:
Oh, and do make sure it’s filmed in landscape, not portrait (with your phone).

Had a few videos with the above issues, and it means we probably won;t be able to use them :frowning:


(Rob Beattie) #27

Mine was portrait iPhone. Shall I re-do?

(Dan) #28

@robbeattie oh yes please (thought I emailed you about it, maybe it got lost), that’d be awesome!

(Barrie McDermid) #29

Does that mean there’s an issue with mine?

(Nicky) #30

I will try to send you one begin next month if it’s still okay for you.
Thank you

(Lisa Sandler) #31

I did mine in portrait too… redo?

(Dan) #32

@LSPhoto, Oh yes please if it’s not too much trouble!