Help with a Top Bar Link to a rapid cart filtered page!

I’m currently putting together a card website, I’m using Rapidcart, Foundation theme and Top Bar.
So, i want to add some links in the top bar which will be something like Birthday with a drop down list with links to categories like general birthday cards, cards for her, cards for him kind of thing.
Now, the problem for me anyway is how to link these categories to a filtered rapid cart page…
Ive managed to link the bit in the collections on the home page to a filtered birthday section, which works well.
But i would like a similar thing in the top bar!
I may be being a little daft here but i can’t for the life of me work out how to do it!
Surely the page i create to do this would be blank and some kind of link would go in the pages section on the left hand side of rapid weaver!
Hope that kind of makes sense!
Here’s the site… which is still very much a work in progress…

Not at my computer just now, but did you try an offsite page type?

Not really sure what that is… So, no i won’t of tried that!

go to add a page, select all plugins, offsite page. lets you put in a link. not sure exactly what you want but that’s one way.

a better way may lie with using Topbar’s Extra Zone (custom) or even using top bar with menu type set to custom html.

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I’ll give it a go @swilliam More than likely tomorrow now! But i’ll let you know how I’m doing!

Here is an example of how to do it in HTML you could do this in the TopBar Extra Zone or with TopBar set to custom instead of RW menu (you would need to manually add the rest of the pages as well).

As a test you can paste this into the extra Zone (set to custom). This should give you one way to do it.

<li><a href=''>Anniversary</a></li>
<li><a href=''>Birthday</a></li>
<li class='has-dropdown'><a href='#'>Baby</a>
    <ul class='dropdown'>
        <li><a href=''>New Baby</a></li>
        <li><a href=''>Baby Boy</a></li>
        <li><label>Section Example</label></li>
        <li><a href=''>Baby Girl</a></li>
        <li><a href='#'>Another Catigeory</a></li>

@SteveB may know a better way he uses RCP


Something exactly like that @SteveB
Thats fantastic, and indeed exactly how i intend it to work.
How on earth did you do that?

Im still finding my way around Rapidweaver!
It’s one of those daft things that i know should be really easy!
But as usual i googled it and all sorts of confusing stuff came out of it!
Should of just asked here really (even with the added risk of making myself look silly with such a simple question)
Maybe i should read the manual to find out properly what everything does :slight_smile:

Thank you both again, i’ll give it all a go tomorrow.