Not receiving emails from my contact form

I am not receiving emails from my contact form? Not an experienced user where should I start looking to solve this?

One cause could be that you’re using an email address that isn’t on the same domain as your website. Many web hosts do not allow emails from gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. to be sent through their servers.

What form are you using? Does it require PHP? Does your web host have PHP enabled? Do you get a success message or error message after hitting “Send”?

Always try to give as many details as possible. There are so many variables.


I am sending it to an email that isn’t the same as my domain name. The form is a php form. I went into my website and I just checked the define email php script. I haven’t uploaded and tried it out yet.

I had been receiving emails in the past. Had a bug in the website where I had to import all the pages into a new program and reset all links. So till working my through it.

Not sure what to do checking my junk mail, and nothing in their. how do you set up a contact form where you get an email maybe I have done something wrong?

If you have a link to the page where the form is, I’ll try to help. Otherwise it’s guesswork.

A screenshot of the settings you have in the form would help also.

I can’t see any obvious errors on the page source. I did just try to send a test email. The page refreshed, but no success/error message.

As I said before, there are a few variables that could be causing the issue. What PHP version are you using on your web host? Have you changed anything recently? Have you tried using an email address on the same domain as your site?

You could also set up another test form using only the minimum fields to see if that works.

I also noticed that you’re using an old, non-responsive theme which could be a factor.

In general it’s advisable to use the latest versions of everything. Might need to update the theme, check what PHP version you have (PHP 5 is no longer supported and is a security risk). You should also consider getting an SSL certificate, especially for form/personal data submission.

thanks I’ll look into updating theme

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