Simple: How to insert/edit text in style/theme header

Maybe it’s just me. Cuz I’m so old or something. But it just seems to me that such a simple task as typing in text to the header pane in the theme of any page should not be so hard. I googled several variations first, came here, did topic search, and though the words ‘text’ ‘theme’ ‘header’ and ‘insert’ came up often enough, there were no actual wordings related to ‘inserting text in header.’ No ‘help’ on the subject. I know it can be done. Just not how it can be done with Rapid Weaver -inside the program, without using another html editor to tweak it into being, eludes me.

This is one of my originals, done with RW 5.3 and currently live on my website.

after upgrading to Yosemite, and RW 5.4 this is the current page;

My ‘page inspector’ still has the ‘Reading Room’ override checked, but it is not there.

I cannot seem to add any text to any of these header spots except the home page.

What am I missing?

Isn’t ‘Reading Room’ your site’s slogan, or even logo?

No, just that one page. I have a few pages…I could never get the logo to work, so I don’t bother with that. The site slogan is different.

Your statement did make me consider possibilities, so I checked the Site Setup, and compared it to the page manager…I discovered that if I check the site slogan in the site setup (which I had unchecked because I didn’t want it anymore) and then check the override slogan in page manager, it works. I override each individual page, and since I don’t want the slogan on my home page anymore, I leave it blank, but still check it.


But I still can’t edit it. Header Helper doesn’t seem to affect it…

Good. Continue to experiment with Slogan :slightly_smiling: