Pdf embed and crome

I am using pdf embed on the will Woodgate media theme and in Crome I get a PDF.js v2.2.228 (build: d7afb74a)
Message: Failed to fetch

error. It works great in safari. Any thoughts?

Works for me…is that @joeworkman PDF embed???
I like the top bar menu!!!
A question for @joeworkman Is that your stack…and if so, how do I get it to show that menu…I have ver 2.0.0 of your PDF Embed. Thanks

It is Joes stack!

Works for me in Chrome as well, here is a screenshot:

It might be worth considering Will’s own ‘Embed’ stack.

Is the PDF on your server? I’m trying to get Will’s stack to work with a PDF hosted on Google Docs. I can get it to embed a Google Sheet, but not a PDF on my G Drive.

I put the pdf’s in resources

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Makes sense - I was hoping to embed a PDF that could be updated remotely. The people I’m building a site for don’t have Rapidweaver.

What was the URL to the PDF that you are trying to share off G Docs?

side note: You should not use spaces in your website urls. Use dashes in the folder names instead.

thanks, I have updated all the files

Hi Joe - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B25LingV-LRcdDM5SjdOTGQ4aVU/view?usp=sharing



Use the following url instead and it will work in PDF Embed.


Basically the trick is to put /preview at the end of the URL instead of /view


Thanks for that Joe :slight_smile:

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