PDF embed problems

I use the PDF embed stack linked to various warehoused pdfs.
In Preview Page to Google Chrome the pdf appears just fine.
I’ve recently noticed that on the published website, only the url to the warehoused pdf appears.
Feedback as always very welcome.

did you change to https?

Yes I did.

you can’t point to a http location from within a https site

Thanks Joe
The pdf is in the same folder (on the server) as the warehoused images and they appear just fine

A URL might help folks see what’s g on.

Thanks for the reply.
I have the stack in the “Download Brochure” modal on this page
The path name which shows in the pdf embed window is the same as I use for warehoused images, which don’t cause any problems.
On reflection, the pdfs may never have appeared on the published website. I may have just checked by using “Preview Page to Google Chrome” where they appear just fine.

are you trying to show the pdf or just download it?

Thanks Jo for pointing out what should have been so obvious.
Yes, the link works - which I didn’t try before your post.
I would like to show the pdf as well so users can see what they’re downloading - again, it’s something I see when I use “Preview Page to Google Chrome.”

Take a look at my sample

Thanks again Joe, but how do I access your sample?


Thanks again Joe
I’d really like to have the stack appearing as it does in “Preview Page to Google Chrome”
I’m attaching a screenshot, which for some reason doesn’t show the various controls, but clicking the download button downloads the pdf, and clicking Print open the Print menu, which prints to pdf or to printer as you’d expect.
Appreciate your interest in this topic

I have no idea where you are or what you are trying to do?
What pdf embed stack are you using?

I’m using Joe Workman’s PDF embed stack which I see you also use.
All I am wanting to do is to allow users, at the click of a button, to open a window which will display the pdf, and show the usual zoom, download, print controls.
All of this happens when I use “Preview Page to Google Chrome”
The stack controls also indicates that the pdf should be viewable because you can adjust PDF height, Viewable height, mobile width etc

A lot of what you are asking is dependent on how PDF files are associated in different OS. For example in MS Windows, if you install Adobe Acrobat Reader as your pdf viewer then it may open a pdf in the browser window or it may open it in an adobe window depending on preferences you chose in adobe.
What i see on your website is a window that opens with a link to a pdf. Clicking on that link opens the pdf in my safari browser. Right clicking on that link allows me to open in new window/tab or download it.
Why not just link the download button direct to the PDF file. It will give the same results and remove the popup window.

It is also controlled by your browser settings.

Thanks Scott and Nick
I (belatedly) looked at JW’s PDF Embed Doc Portal and saw that to work like I want it, “the visitors to your site will need to either have a browser with HTML5 support or you need to have a PDF plugin installed in your browser.”
I presume this is pretty much what you’re saying.
So too many user-dependant factors, so I’ll take the simpler process you are suggesting.
[I guess I remain puzzled why the pdf appeared as I wanted it in “Preview Page to Google Chrome” but not when going to the site itself on the same browser on the same device - but I’m going to quite while I’m ahead on this one]
Appreciate the excellent feedback on this topic.

I thought you wanted a popup window
Look again:

Thanks again Joe
But what I couldn’t find were the download and print icons