Help with Kuler Theme acclaim

Hi everyone, i have tried with no avail to get hold of support for a couple of small teething problems I am having with this theme. maybe someone here can help. here is the Email I tried to send.
i am struggling with a couple of small issues:

  1. I have loaded up 4 images into the Acclaim theme as slide1, etc but I am struggling to get the slideshow working

the site is

  1. I seem to be making an error with the social media snippet provide.

I added this to the Homepage but I see nothing in Preview?

I wanted to check, I take it if I add it at the front end it would also work for the whole site, or dies this need adding to each page individually?

  1. May I also ask, Is it possible to add the lists in the Accordian part of the Acclaim theme. When I do the other 2 tabs disappear?


Wanted to thank Gary at Kuler who got back to me and the problem seems to be sorted :slight_smile:

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