Michael David designs ... help?

Im wondering if anyone knows if they are still doing their thing? looks like they are still selling, but it seems - not answering support questions …
im moving a site from RW v 5* to 8* and the sidebar “slide flow slide show” is not functioning ( actually it can not see the listed image files in the resource folder )

Don’t thank so…not since rw8
Can we see a url of what you had?

sure! tuxedoswithstyle.com

this is the functioning page…as im trying to update the site ( to drop covid notices etc ) as im trying complete the transition over to rw 8* at the same time…I was expecting some challenges , but I expected them the add on area(S) as it was built some time ago…this seems like it should be simple fix…

thanks for your reply Joe !
I will start the process of looking around ( ugg)

Take a look at Documentation

“the sidebar “slide flow slide show” is not functioning”

Can you clarify what you mean by this? I have the theme and am running RW8 so may be able to help.

ohhh thanks Rob !
on the home page there are ( normally) several images that scroll horizontally - in RW8 the page looks the same , with the box(s)that would display the slideshow however it shows the tiny blue background question mark box instead of the image…which tells me its not seeing the files that are listed in the sidebar “code” ( the matching images ARE in the resource folder )

It’s a bit of a pain but have you got the original images in the correct size for the slideshow?

If so, I’d remove the first one from the Resources and then add it again and see if that image shows. In my experience, these things sometimes get ‘stuck’ and just need a re-start to work again. Let us know if that makes a difference.

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good idea , I ll give that a try…I took the fully working site and updated it thru rw8 and slowly updating stacks fixing broken links etc etc all images should still be the correct size BUT a rename/ re install images may do it

AN update since you so were helpful…and perhaps this will help someone else. seems the file structure has changes between RW versions . when I upgraded the site folder to RW8* , the original folder already HAD a resource folder and I ASSUMED RW8* was seeing all of the files IN there - it was not , so I had to drag those image files into the “resource pop up window” for them to be acknowledged by RW and THEN the home page began to show the slideshow …hth & thanks again for YOUR help :slight_smile:

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