Help with masonry grids... recreating Montage 2

I’m working on an image grid that image-links to internal web pages, with a bottom row that is filled. Here is a test site of grids I’m working with… link. You can see how the image grids react to screen resize. No links on the images yet.

I love the Montage 2 stack. But, client doesn’t like it when images become a single row, which happens in some screen sizes.

Montage 2 has great logic when it responsively realign its grid, it can randomly order the content, the content is added by drag and drop (so easy, and there could be 60+ image/links in the design), and the images can be links to site pages (or the default lightbox). If you could drop in stack content and not just images… but alas.

I’ve been trying to solve this with a few other break point responsive grids, like Adaptive grid and Gridinator. They both do a great job, but require you set their grid up manually. So they are responsive to breakpoints you set, and columns you create. Solid in my testing. But labor intensive when changing content.

The Image Card from Weavium (free) almost solves the image link. Images seem to only top align. So images have to be selected carefully.

Has anyone else tried a design like this, with a responsive , full cell, center/center aligned image link and a grid? Any luck?


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