Help with Sitelok Stack

I have purchased Sitelok and Sitelok Stack.

Sitelok installation went smoothly with issues.

With the Sitelok Stack, I only received 2 files :

  2. Sitelok.rwaddons

I am using RapidWeaver 8.

When I double clicked on Sitelok.rwaddons, it prompted me to install Addons to Rapidweaver 8. I clicked install and it said installed successfully. It asked me to relaunch RapidWeaver.

When I open any of the Rapidweaver porject and look for the Sitelok stacks, I couldn’t find them in the Stacks Library.

Did I do anything incorrectly?

Thank you.

Double-clicking for various reasons doesn’t always work.

Two other ways to install that both seem to work more reliably.

  1. With Rapidweaver open grab the file you want to install (rwaddon in this case) and drag it to the RapidWeaver icon on the dock.
  2. Right-click the file you want to install and select ”Open with,” and choose RapidWeaver 8 from the selection.

In every case, it’s best to restart RW after installing.

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Works now!!! Thank you.

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