Stacks not installing with double-click on download

I’ve just discovered that double-clicking on a new stack download to install it, -says- it’s been installed, but in fact, it is not. Unfortunately, this means dozens and dozens of recent updates failed, and I’ve now got to go back and check them all by hand.

The path for my stacks (and that fails) is:

/Users/tracy/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/Stacks/nameOf.stack

The only way I can install stacks is to manually drag them to the folder.

Am I alone in this problem?

This is not normal behaviour.

I have noticed that sometimes RW benefits from a restart after an update.

BTW you are dragging RW6 stacks to the RW icon on the dock, aren’t you?

And/or using Stacks 3’s built-in updater?

you are dragging RW6 stacks to the RW icon on the dock, aren’t you?

No, as I explicitly stated, I was double-clicking the stack, and getting a message that says that the stack was successfully installed.

I take it double-clicking no longer works? If that’s the case, wouldn’t a better message be instructions on how to install, instead of a false message of success?

And yes, I’m using the stacks 3 updated, but not all stack support it yet. Developers are still working on that.

Thanks for your reply.

Have you tried dragging a Stack to the doc icon, though?

Any better?

yes, dragging the stack to the dock icon of RW works.

Great: good luck, Tracy!