Stacks installed in the wrong place

Double clicking stacks opens Rapidweaver and it offers to install them, but they don’t show up in Rapidweaver. It turns out, they’re being installed in the wrong place…

~Library/Application Support/Rapidweaver/Stacks

It should be in ~Library/Containers and so on… So the only way I can install stacks now is to manually drag them stack files in myself. How did this happen and how do I correct it?


Which version of RW are you on?

If I remember correctly, there was a version which required you not to d/click a Stack to install it, but to drag and drop it on the RW icon in the Dock. It may have been one of the differences between versions 5 and 6.

Then, with the advent of RW 7, it became possible to chose the location for (all of) RW’s Add-ons.

I have the latest version of RW 7. The preference are set to have addons managed by Rapidweaver and clicking the Reveal button opens the correct folder.

Just drag the Stacks plugin to RapidWeaver7’s icon in the Dock. That way, you’ll avoid installing Stacks to the wrong version of RW that you might have installed on your computer. This method of installing addons always works for me.

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Thanks. I’m aware of the workarounds.

My first instinct is to double click the stack file as always though, so it’s a bit confusing when it say’s the stack is installed but it’s not.