Layer text over pictures?

Hi new here, I purchased one template from nick c design but wondering if Rapid weaver
has a function to layer text over images.

If so can anyone either instruct me a bit or show me where I might be able to test this.
Thanks Dave

Welcome, David!

This thread should help you; good luck!

Thanks Mark, will check it out… sorry I’m so dumb with this app, not quite making sense to me…

Hi group, I used the link and bought a stack, but now I’m stuck trying to figure out how to add a stack, there are no manuals in the manual that gives me an idea of how to work with it. I wish I was a bit smarter with this web app but it’s not like any app I normally use (video and still photo apps).

Definitely harder than I was thinking it would be. If anyone can point me to a site that can help me I’d appreciate it. I tried the RW video page but having to pay for a series of lessons wasn’t expected.


No need to apologize for anything: we’re all at varying stages along the learning process! You’re always assured of a cheerful reception here!

Assuming you’ve installed the Stack in question, and restarted RW, you’ll see it in your Stacks Library when you add a new page of type Stack. To use a Stack, you drag it from the library onto the space representing the page you’ve just added. If you bought Target there’s a demo video here. If the Layer Stack, then the developer may well help you via email… that’s what it says at the bottom of the page in question.

If this is still all a bit of a mystery - because you’re at an early stage in learning - then maybe you would be best advised to put what you’re trying to do temporarily to the side for a day or two while you become a little more familiar with some of the basic workflows in RW. Good luck!

Hi Mark,

I just bought stacks 3.0 but of course I added a page (stack) and it says add stacks here and I can’t add the layer stack I bought… so frustrating… I can’t believe this app is driving me crazy. The help and tutorials on this app are virtually non-existent…

Hi @DFPHOTO! If you can’t see the list of stacks, you probably need to click on the Library button. See the attached picture. There is a search button at the top of the stacks list so you can type in the name to find it.

Hey thanks for that, I can see it in plugins but I can’t drag it or load into the stacks page — on my other post, I bought stacks 3.0 and layers stack from another company. I didn’t know you had to own stacks 3.0 first. I loaded stacks 3.0 and made a new stacks page but it says to drop stacks here and I can’t do that.

That’s the problem I’m having now…

@DFPHOTO, to make it perfectly clear, are you saying that with Stacks 3 plugin installed, after you add ‘Stacks page’ to your project, with the content of the ‘Library’ visible, you can not drag the stack of your choice from the ‘Library’ to your page?


Please would you put a screenshot here of what you’re doing, and what RW shows when you can’t do it!

Hi here’s what the app looks like and here’s where I can’t drag the layer stack over to the work area. I’m sure it’s something basic but I can’t figure it out.

Click on the library icon toward top left of page, get the stack from there not from the add on manager

Hi guys, thank you, the first poster mentioned the library but I thought that was only for selecting stacks 3.0

So confusing to a newbie… now if I can figure out how to make the layer aspect swoop over the background image… This is going to take a long time to learn, I guess no new site for …