Help with understanding uploading

@Printery – Hi, Humberto,

For some mysterious reason, in the past, your posts were ALWAYS showing as images instead of text. Here is what I am seeing as your post this time:

How do you do that?

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From the source, it does appear to be a jpeg dropped in there!

Just write what I want in MS Word, corrected, pasted in. I don’t know why
this happens.
Just as last time, I thought you were blocking my post. That’s why I stop
until today. I have no explanation for this. Help me find the mistery.

Please share some light to me.



Mark is not, it cut & paste from MS Word. Don’t know why he black line.


Mark is not, is cut & paste from MS Word. Don’t know why the black line.

I’d steer clear of Word, if I were you. M$ is never our friend :slight_smile:

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If you using word (or other formatted text app) just use Paste and Match Style Opt-Shift-Cmd-V and you should be ok.

Thank you guys for the help.
From now on I will use CleanText before posting.

– printery

Just a suggestion… If you must use a separate app for composing your posts, why don’t you use Apple TextEdit which is a part of standard installation on every Mac?

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Gracias Rob, just resolved the problem. Thanks for the advice.