Helping friend who'll only use RW5

A friend of mine (whom I’m helping) has RW5 and I have RW6 and the demo version of RW5. There’s problems: he’s a complete novice and I only have the RW5 demo. Can I use my RW6 to activate RW5?

The idea is I get his business website up and running, and he gradually learns how to manage it and takes over the reigns. This is actually a business arrangement too, so I’m not doing this for free, which further complicates things. He’s adamant that he’ll be using RW5 and won’t upgrade.

Any advice welcome,



You should try and convince them to upgrade to RW6. I imagine the reason they won’t is OSX-related because they don’t want to upgrade the OS?

It’s just something in the longer term that will trip them up. Running a business on software that’s already out of date isn’t a great idea IMHO.


No, you can not use the serial number of RW 6 for RW. 5
Contact Realmac directly for a serial number for the “old” RW. 5
Perhaps there is a way.

But I agree with @robbeattie :wink: