Upgrade from 5, or not?

A recent ‘convert’ from Windows to Mac, I purchased an iMac then a MacBook then an iPad and later an iPhone. I still use one Windows desktop for my hobby.

New OS are a challenge for an old man but I managed to create a website with RW 5. (w9owo.com)

My Macs are for personal use and enjoyment only– no commercial involvement anymore.

Since I’ve barely used RW 5, is there any advantage for me to upgrade– or disadvantage for me to stay with it?

Welcome to the Mac family.

RW5 is not compatible with new MacOS, so an upgrade seems to be a logical move. Of course, there will be a learning curve, but if you want to stay creative, or just update your existing website, you really need to make that move. Personally, I would suggest to get RW 7.5.5 (the last really stable version) and wait until version 8 gets more mature, but you may decide to get to the cutting edge right away. Version 8.1 is not far in the future.

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Agree 100%with what Rob @Rovertek said. If you do make the plunge the license will work all the way to RW8, so I would stop at RW7 until 8 gets a bit more stable. The upgrade from 7 to 8 is a piece of cake.
Upgrading from 5 to 7 is much more involved, check out this help article:

Very helpful. Thanks to Rob [@Rovertek] and Doug [@teefers]. Your tips and advice might have saved me ‘hours’ of frustration!
Jack (Hamguy)

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