Website load speed help please!

Really need advice, practical help.
I have a website showing apartment listings etc but the listing pages are slow to load - well not so bad if you have fibre broadband but not so good for your average broadband user.
Can anybody tell me if there is anything that is glaringly slowing stuff up - am hosted with chillidog, so no problems at that end!!
Website page

It’s the one and two bedroom pages as there are quite a lot of listings
Thanks in advance, anybody!

Website loads fine for me. I have a very moderate internet speed at home. Not seeing a problem.

Bigger problem is left sidebar area: gets kind of cut off on a tablet. The hover effect works kind of funky on an iPad also.

I get a slight delay (< 1 sec.) on a fast T1 line in California. But nothing unacceptable in any way.

Fine here too on not very fast shared WIFI.