Question about my Super Forms stack suddenly not working

I bought and installed the Super Forms stack. Set it up on a Web page, everything went fine. For a week, it worked sending emails. Now, today, all of a sudden it’s showing ERROR. Any ideas as to whether it has to do with my hitting something accidentally or perhaps conditions out in the great beyond???

Kate, I think this question would be best answered by @barchard who developed this stack…

@Rovertek I think Super Forms is a stack developed by One Little Designer, and not @barchard based on the information on this page:

You might be confusing it with FormsPlus:

Will & Rob, THANKS big-time for your responses. And, yes, it’s a One Little Designer stack. I’ve been emailing their support. Perhaps they’re kayaking the South Seas this month, where we all ought to be!

What befuddles me most is why it worked for a week and then stopped. I need to get something up and operating for a Contact the Author page. I’m working in RW 7.5.5, building pages with stacks. Is there a simple alternative stack that you would recommend to someone (me) who’s rather inept? I had studied all of them before settling on Super Forms.

Does it say anything else? Where do you get the error, on submit or before? Who are you hosting with? Some have special requirements for emails from forms.

Something changed, If you haven’t republished anything then more then likely your host may have had a change.
Setting up PHP forms can be a bit tricky. PHP usually doesn’t display errors but instead, log them to a log file on the server. Not that the log file would give you the answer, but might provide a clue as to what is going on.
One little design does have a troubleshooting section at the bottom of the documentation page:

If you have gone through that and still having issues, without knowing what information you need to gather, (maybe a URL to your broken form) it’s hard to recommend another product. If it’s host related, then a new product may not solve the issue.

Maybe the hosting company changed something? They may have applied an update to the server software or reconfigured something. The hosting company could be the best people to speak with first, as they will have access to the error logs @teefers mentions.

Doug, I so appreciate all your info.

Yes, the email has been entered into the Super Forms settings (the email belongs to a friend for whom I’m building this site). Sometimes when I test-send him an email off the live site on Safari, after clicking on the SUBMIT button, I get an Error alert, but it doesn’t last long enough for me to read the whole thing. Last night I got “Thank you! Your email has been sent!” but he didn’t receive anything.

I don’t quite understand the two troubleshooting choices and what they would accomplish. I’m beginning to think I should be working at the local gas station. Yet I’m just patting myself on the back for figuring out how to get the %20s out of the pages’ Web addresses!

The site is hosted by DreamHost. I think you’re right; it’s not the Form stack; I will have to get with the host.

Many, many Thank Yous to ALL for your time and expertise.

Will, thanks for underlining that. That’s what I’ve come to, too.

DreamHost like most hosting companies have requirements on setting up PHP mail() functions. This is to stop people from using these mail servers for spam. The FROM address needs to be from your domain. I don’t use Super Forms so can tell you much about the setup. But if your domain is set up as then the email FROM address must be something like

Yup, it was reading I changed “example” to “admin” and after the @ I type in the domain name. Then saved and re-published, sent a test email from the live site, and called Indiana to see if anything came through. Nothing.

After I re-published, the Web address showed my “contact-the-author/” PLUS #Form_Submitted_stacks_in_49_page6

Apologies, I must be driving everybody nuts. Moving on to contacting the host.

My bad. Sorry for that. My memory isn’t what it used to be… :hushed:

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