Hidden pages not accessible with direct link

I am running RW 8.7 on Catalina 10.15.7
I have multiple hidden pages that are not navigable from my drop down menu but need to be accessed from a direct link to the page. Problem: some of my pages can be found with direct links and others come up as NOT FOUND. ERROR 404. These are needed as "return pages’ after a Pay Pal purchase of a product. I have entered the Meta Data as directed and don’t know why some pages can be found and others can not?? The hidden pages are subpages under my STORE page on the inspector pane. Any thoughts?

Have you got a ULl for the site and also a URL for one of the hidden pages that aren’t working? Pretty impossible to help otherwise - we’d just be shooting in the dark.


Do you have them marked Not show in navigation or Draft?
Draft pages don’t get published

This hidden page seems to work Yoga working

This one is one of many that are not:

Page-2 is my store page followed be the hidden subpages.

Thanks for responding

Neither Draft or Navigation is checked

Try republish all pages…but first fix the names of the pages…

Change the names in the Folder pane or the file name where is says index.htnl?

This one works:

Leave the ‘index.html’ as it is. Give your folders ‘proper’ names - i.e. store or return or success - something sensible so your visitors know where they are on the site.

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it have tried with Safari and Firefox and they have not worked up until your post??

Just the folder names…all the index.html or index.php are cool.

I changed the page-2 to store in the URL, because when I clicked on the store from the home page of https://stressdefense.com/ (https://stressdefense.com/) It came up with https://stressdefense.com/Store/, I then just added the page-10/ to the end.

If you are renaming folders you need to Republish all files and also change any external links.

Thank you!

I changed the page names in the folder panel. And added them to the Browser title https://stressdefense.com/store/MeditationReturn/ republished the whole site and still the hidden pages are coming up as not found. Is it something about the browser address?

URL’s are case sensitive.

It’s best practice on folder names to use all lowercase letters numbers and ‘-’ or ‘_’ as they become part of the URL. Try:https://stressdefense.com/Store/MeditationReturn/ (https://stressdefense.com/Store/MeditationReturn/). Notice the captital S in store.


That was it! I can’t thank you enough!!

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Ron (@RNavarre), I’m glad that helped.
I know you just renamed a bunch of folders, but it is best to do it again and get rid of all that camel case and capital letters.
Then of course right now you have a bunch of leftovers out on the web server. https://stressdefense.com/Store/page-10/ is still there, and I’d guess all the other old directories (folders) with the default names like page-1 are still out on the server.

Once you have them all renamed (with lowercase letters and the special chars - and or _) then it might be easiest to just delete all everything and republish all files.

Important: if you added anything outside of RW or used a FlatFile CMS, then don’t just delete everything.

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