Hide the menu bar on a landing page

Hi, I’m using Foundry and have created a hidden landing page (for a google ad) on my multipage website. I heard that landing pages with no menu bar are higher converting. How might this be done or is to possible?

Just leave the menu bar stack off the landing pages.

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Thanks that’s simple enough but on further investigation I am reminded that I am using Lunar (its been a while and I am now revamping). I’m struggling to find what I need.

You mean you are using the Lunar theme from Elixir Graphics yes?
If so try:

nav#site-navigation {
    display: none;

Oh That’s brilliant. Thank you!! Worked like a charm.

Unrelated, but also related — you’re not using Foundry stacks within the Lunar theme are you?

Hi Adam, I understand they are not to be used together but the
only lunar element is the banner. Seems to be OK so far.

  Hope it remains so. Maybe with the latest Foundry I can create

the banner replicating the look. I will go see.



The Foundry theme contains some of Foundry’s code. You will eventually run into problems. Foundry comes with that blank theme for a reason. :wink: :wink:


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