Hide/unhide menu items depending on user status

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Good day, I’m trying to hide or unhide menu items depending on user status (ie. logged in or logged out). I’ve got user management implemented, so I can post/get php variables. So for instance, if user is logged in, he should see menu 1 and 2, if he is logged out just menu 1. Is there any simple way to do it in RW6?

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #2

I achieve this kind of stuff all the time with @joeworkman’s Page Safe. It comes with Stack Safe that does exactly what you are talking about.


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Hi Brandon,
Thanks for your email however I don’t need any additional software to lock/unlock my pages. I just want to hide menu items - that’s all.

I did it by modifying headerWrapper, however it means that I need to do it manually after every single page modification (because RapidWeaver is constantly rewrite the index file). So it works, but it’s not very optimal…