Armadillo. What Color the Sky?

Here’s an odd one.

Armadillo blog. Viewed in browsers.
* The color of text using Safari - as intended, Cantalope.
* The color of same text using Chrome - bright green.

Experience that one before?
They did used to match. The green was an earlier color scheme.
Everything else matches, pages refreshed. All point to server.

OK. Not everything.
An additional image was added to a photogallery as a test & that did not make the trip either.

I’m down to rebooting the computer.

Have you cleared the browser cache and/or refreshed the page (may take several refreshes) in Chrome?


I had tried many refreshes in Chrome.
Here I thought Chrome was supposed to come from heaven!

Just finally cleared the history in Chrome after the reboot & its fixed.

This reluctant cache may explain weird results I’d get in testing color effects a few days ago. I had Armadillo dashboard loaded in Safari & was using Chrome to gauge my results. Sometimes there would be no change, or a different outcome than expected. Had me a little irate.

I’m trashing Chrome & just going to open a 2nd window of Safari to check outcomes from now on.
(Color schemes made it easier to use 2 different browsers to color code & keep from accidentally closing the window with Armadillo).

Thanks again, David.

Glad it helped. You can of course disable browser caching in Safari developers tools. In Chrome it’s not so obvious where that setting is. Perhaps someone else knows? I’ve found where to clear the cache in Chrome (preferences > advanced…) but didn’t see where to disable the cache.

I thought Chrome came from the Evil Empire (except it’s developer tools). :wink:

Anything you are familiar with in Armadillo, by the way?
My contacts at NimbleHost & Nick Cates has been sporadic. In one case, I got referred back to a thread I originated here.

My grief in the color scheming is a little aggravating. Its off topic per this topic header.
If you don’t - that’s cool too. I’m just going to tuck another post in here vs start a new thread.

Sorry haven’t yet used Armadillo, so hopefully the Armadillo experts will jump in. :slight_smile: