Horizontal Tabs not working

I am using the foundry horizontal tab and the only tab that works is the first one. None of the others go to the text for that tab. I get the vertical tab working ok but not vertical.
Thank you for any help

Not sure I understand what you are using or trying to get to work?
What do you mean when you say “foundry horizontal tab”?


When I click on the medical tab it should bring all the medical page to the top. This is what happens when I use vertical tabs. However when I click on Medical, Aesthetics or About it does nothing. When I click on the home it does bring content to the top of page. Thank you

Can you provide a URL?

Sorry it is a password protected admin page.

Hi @flmcl – With no URL it will be really hard to help. Means we can’t see if there’s a javascript conflict, or something else going on with the page that could be causing your problem. Since you can’t provide us with that, the best we can do is guess. And guessing makes for bad troubleshooting.

I’d suggest building a new page. Make it pretty simple. Add a Tabs stack to the page and insert simple content, like Headers and Paragraphs. Publish it and see if it works. If it does, add something more complex. But do so one item at a time. When it breaks, you know where your troublemaker is located.


Thanks Adam, I am using these tabs with the CMS system by Joe Workman. I have decided to use vertical tabs as that seems to be working fine. Thanks for the advise.

Did you take the steps above that I recommended?

I put a sample page together. https://www.drsarahshell.com/horzTab/
As can be seen it will not tab to other images.

The theme on your test page is set to Foundation. To use any framework’s set of stacks, you need to use that framework’s theme. A lot of the code to make the framework’s stacks work is part of the theme itself. Try setting it to Foundry.

This also means you cannot us stacks from one framework with another.


Thank you that worked. I guess the only issue I have is that when using the Htab with Joe Workmans CMS stack becomes awkward as much of his CMS is based on foundation theme. Anyways thanks for helping me with my original query. Appreciated

Glad @DLH got you sorted out. See, a URL was provided, and just like that someone was able to help you out. :wink:

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Your solution actually solved a few other issues I was having with container width etc… thanks for that :slight_smile:

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