How do I access photos from RW6 that are not in the Photos app?

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OMG what happened here? Did you guys wipe out the forums and members and start over again? My account seems to be lost and the forums are really difficult to navigate and browse. I had to register all over again losing all my saved threads full of info I often referred to.
It’s a mind numbing mile long news stream kind of thing and I can’t seem to find anything anymore :frowning:

Anyway, I just upgraded to RW6 from RW5 and I’m starting to regret it. Before purchasing RW6 I upgraded from Stacks 2 to the newest Stacks 3. NOW my RW5 won’t work and is asking me to put in my Stacks 1 serial number.

TRYING to learn my way around RW6 is not going well - hence my posting in the beginner category because that’s where I feel I am right now!

Anyway, when I want to edit a theme’s look and built in images how do I do that now that ThemeMiner is not available for RW6? When I try to do this I says it needs to access my I do NOT use the HORRIBLE Photos app (running Yosemite here) and I would much rather have more control than this. SO I try to run the RW5 instead and I get the above mentioned issue with Stacks.

Any help, tips, insight, slap on the back of the head for missing something obvious, etc would be greatly appreciated!

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This happened some time ago and the old forums were linked for quite some time before being removed due to updates and system requirements.

No. 1 issue, you applied Stacks 3 to RapidWeaver 5… Stacks 3 REQUIRES RW6, So, go to your head software’s website, go to the stacks archive and download Stacks 2.7.1 for RW5 and install it IN RW5 ONLY. RapidWeaver 5 should be back up and running at the point with a restart.

No. 2, Update your RapidWeaver to V5.4.1 whilst you’re at it (if you haven’t already), open and save each project you wish to use in RW6 for best compatibility.

No idea on that piece of software, Apparently RWMulti-Tool still works though (I think it is called)


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Thank you so much Turtle. I’ll look into that RWMulti-Tool thing.

Any idea about the photos and Photos app? I think I wasn’t very clear. ThemeMiner has nothing to do with the Photos app question.

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Whoops… sorry

What do you use for your photo’s?

In RapidWeaver 6.3.8, it supports, iPhoto’s, and I believe Lightroom but I don’t have that to verify. The trick is to have the photo app running first prior to launching RW. then RW see’s it and can use it’s content.


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I like full control of my photos. Photoshop is my main photos editing tool. I haven’t even set up that ridiculous Photos app on the iMac. I would rather simply open a directory where my images might be that I want to use. I was playing around trying to learn the RW6 and tried the page info thing to change elements in one of the pre-loaded themes. It only gave me access to the Photos app and no other way to browse another place on my computer. Really limited and sucky.

So editing a theme through the RW6 program seems quite limited. If I wanted to replace a built in image with a piece of clip art to customize it for a client, apparently I can’t this way. I’m thinking maybe I would have to export the project and then find each individual file and edit that way and then save it as a different name? I don’t know. That ThemeMiner program was great for this kind of personalizing.

I feel a bit lost :cry:

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If you search the Forums, using the search criteria “customizing theme” you will find a whole host of info on how to customize a Theme in the Theme Drawer. It is not recommended that this be done as Theme updates will overwrite your customized theme (If using Waterfall from Nimblehost, a backup is made of the Theme prior to updating so you can add your version back if you like.

There are many ways to customize a Theme in RW, by using FreeStacks (Themeflood Themes), am having a brain toot on the other one that people use at the moment or CSS.

You can add your custom images to the Resources folder per project and reference them with CSS in most cases.

Have a looksee in the search and see what you come up with.


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OK Thanks. I usually tweak the CSS via ThemeMiner too. IT’s a great little tool that just accesses those hidden files of a theme and allows you tweak them and save them as whatever name you wish.

I’ll spend some time poking around for stuff.

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in RW6 the Media browser is kind of useless for people like you and me, but you can drag pictures from the Finder to RW. That should work for you.


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Thanks netrene. Jeez, I was so lost trying this RW6 out I didnt’ even try to figure out the obvious, but that drag and drop won’t work customizing a theme to change it’s images to suit the needs of a client. I’ve a feeling that exporting and then pulling it back might be my only option for that kind of stuff. RW6 really missed the boat on “user friendly” IMO.

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This problem I usually solve like that:

I open the themes in RW6 and duplicate the theme. Then you use “Show content” on the Duplicate theme.
Now you can modify the images directly in the theme i.e. replace the original pics with your pics and give them the same name.

If you used custom styles they are not visible in the duplicated theme. But you can duplicate and hack the custom styles (you can reveal them in finder and edit the xml) from the original theme to make them work in the duplicated theme as well. This is IMO also something that RW should do automatically if I duplicate a Theme.

Maybe that helps.

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@netrene - good to know! Thanks. I need to get a site up for someone fast so I’ll have to use RW5 for now so I can get it done while I learn my way around RW6. I can update her site later.

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@Turtle - OK did as you say and still having grief.
Updated to 5.4.1 with no issue, but the stacks is the problem. Here is a screenshot of what I get. They want the stupid v1 number which I just don’t have. waiting to hear from YourHead on this issue now, but their system does not have me as having purchased stacks v1 for some reason.

here’s a screenshot for you. My serial number is obviously smudged out :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, not much I can do about that, have you searched your email for the serial number to V1 (dumb question I know but have to ask none the less)?


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This computer had to be reformatted so I lost a lot of stuff. I most likely never saved that SN too. Still waiting on YourHead to answer my support ticket on the same question. I was just hoping you might have an idea. Apparently I have it or I wouldn’t have been able to upgrade to v2.

And if v3 isn’t compatible with RW5, why the hell do I get notifications within RW5 to upgrade to Stacks3? stupid and confusing.

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Awesome! They’re going to send me a Stacks 1 serial number so I can get RW5 working again :slight_smile: