Hosting reccomendations?

Thanks for posting. I will read the article further, but I must say that I have used several hosts shown on their “EIG list” and received excellent service and support from both of those host. Just because a host may be ‘non-EIG’ doesn’t mean they are good, or even better than any other host. Also, even if you do join a host that is non-EIG today, that won’t necessarily help you tomorrow because they could always get bought out later. Just some things to keep in mind.

I am going to recommend Chillidog.

I have been looking for a server to host my websites for some time now.
I have had websites hosted with a very large and famous vendor for almost twenty years.

Every time you go to their site you have to navigate through a series of panels to get where you want to go. Along the way these panels always seem to have a dozen pastel colored buttons that all look the same. You have to study every one of them before clicking through because somewhere in the camouflage will be a button that by default signs you up for a new service if you don’t specifically opt out. I continued to put up with this for a long time because it was just too painful to move. I had a business to run and I figured I could afford a little bit of larceny.

I learned about Chillidog from some comment Joe Workman posted. I figured if he recommended them then I didn’t need to go any further.

I sent a question to the people at Chillidog the day before Christmas. I was expecting I would maybe get an answer after the holidays but 42 minutes (!) later they had me up and running. Those guys are amazing.


I use over here in the UK. CPanel, email, anti spam is all part of the package regardless of what size hosting you choose.

Two thumbs up, way up to the Chilidog team.


We recommend A2 Hosting, we use them for the main Realmac Software website. A2 obviously works great with RapidWeaver’s built-in publishing!

Check them out here:

FYI: We get a small kick-back from each sale, so when you sign-up via our link you’re also supporting us :+1:


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