HotSpotsPro 3 now available

Changes in this major update include:-

  • HotSpotsPro now supports an unlimited number of hotspot regions
  • Radically improved Stacks 3 user interface; for faster, easier and more efficient setup of image maps
  • Removed some of the seldom-used options to make the codebase of HotSpotsPro lighter
  • Added some brand new style and colour settings for individual hotspots
  • Easier modification of the lightbox window shade colour and opacity
  • Links support a full array of custom attributes; letting you link to anchors, tabs, accordions, lightboxes or other pages
  • Individual hotspots can now receive unique Font Awesome icons
  • A new option to click hotspots and smooth-scroll to blocks of content elsewhere on the same webpage

This is by-far the easiest and most customisable responsive image map solution available for RapidWeaver. By hiding all the complicated source code, HotSpotsPro gives you the freedom to focus on quickly building and deploying ultra user-friendly image maps, that will not look out of place in any modern website!

This stack is perfect for use in e-commerce websites, product showcases, marketing, education and infographics. Watch the introductory video here to see just how easy and flexible this new stack is to use. As always, a free demo version is available for download.

HotSpotsPro is a free update for all customers who purchased it on or after 1st January 2015, and your update is waiting for you in your Paddle account. Version 3 can be installed alongside older versions.

For anybody new to HotSpotsPro or needing to update from a copy bought before 1st January 2015, you can use the hsp25off coupon code, to take 25% off your order. This optional coupon code can be entered using the ‘coupon code’ button at the checkout, and is valid until 1st July 2017.

If you have any technical questions about HotSpotsPro please feel free to get in contact via the Stacks4Stacks contact page.


I don’t have a reason to use this, but I’d buy anything from @willwood. I’ve got a good amount of his amazing stacks :slight_smile: Good products and the best support :slight_smile:


… me too :slightly_smiling_face:
Instant purchase done.


I use it here:


Instant purchase. Thank you!


This does look very good @willwood and I’m sure I could find a use for it substituting the code I have on this page (I think): (the basic layout and co-ordinates were created in Dreamweaver many years ago, and the drag and drop method was so useful in such a project).

BUT - the configuration of each individual hotspot’s size would drive me nuts if I had to add say 100 hotspots - ie which icon and adjust the dimensions. A facility to create a master hotspot and then continue to use those settings to add multiple hotspots would be a winning feature for me.

@grajay Simply ALT + Drag a hotspot in edit mode to duplicate it. Your mouse cursor will briefly turn to a green plus icon.

This is nothing unique to HotSpotsPro - this is how you can duplicate / clone any stacks or sub-stacks in a webpage.

After duplication, the front-most stack (hotspot) comes into focus, and you are free to reposition it quickly with the horizontal / vertical sliders. Any dimensions, styling or content previously assigned remains intact.

Using this technique, I would think it’s feasible to quickly and easily get an image map working that contains a large quantity of points. It is one of the reasons I have switched over to using sub-stacks in HotSpotsPro 3.

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Thanks @willwood - somehow or other the ALT + Drag command had missed me over the years!

I’ve downloaded the trial stack and checked out the introductory video (which does presume previous knowledge, so I’m a bit slow getting going ) and so far I’m liking what I see - looks like this little number will be heading my way in the next day or so.