Webdeersign Project 3 PulseCMS available now

Webdeersign RapidProject3 (PR3) is now available.

PR3 is a complete website solution using RapidWeaver with Foundation, for Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Bars and any business that has a requirement to make frequent changes to their web site. Menus and Promotions can change many times during a day and the CMS solution in PR3 makes this a breeze.

PR3 uses the PulseCMS system with the free to download Pulse stacks from inStacks. Currently a PulseCMS license is available from inStacks for under $30.

Why PulseCMS? The answer is simplicity of installation and use and also full features. Included in PR3 are:

  1. User editable multi Menus integrated into the design.
  2. User editable Restaurant Specials and Promotions areas.
  3. A drop zone to allow uploading of files such as PDF or ZIP documents for download through the web site. E.g. The menu is can be downloaded as a PDF.
  4. A fully featured Contact form - just add your email address to setup.
  5. A Newsletter function to collect email addresses.
  6. A rich Blog to allow adding text, files, images, videos, etc.
  7. The Blog can even resize and check files types for uploading to the Blog.

Don’t forget there is an App to make logging into the Admin panel easy and a joy to use.

PR3 uses BWD’s SectionsPro throughout and has a modular design that allows moving of Sections about. The design is fully freeform allowing placement of content anywhere on a page and multiple pages can be added.

The complete PADDY stacks are included to add the finishing touches and make your life easier.

Included with PR3 is a warehouse folder with all images including a blank logo image to add your own text into (using a graphics program). Also the entire PulseCMS Content folder is included to get you up and running quickly with blog entries, menus entries, etc…

Use the discount PADDY to get 20% off, making PR3 available now for $20. See full details at RapidWeaver SOURCE Projects Foundation Templates Foundry Templates.

Check out the demo at Webdeersign RapidProject 3


There is also an introductory video at Webdeersign YouTube Channel - Project3

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Just updated Project 3 to use a cool animated overhanging logo. The Navbar slides off screen but leaves a small visible pip, used in this case, to identify the restaurant location.


I forgot to mention that it uses the BWD Pin stack.

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Project 3 has now been updated to include a Foundry version that uses the Kuler Solutions EditsPro CMS stacks for the CMS solution.

Introduction video at https://youtu.be/Q-1z11GiImo