Houdini or @import. Which one loads better/faster in sidebar?

I have 1 ore more @import((file)) in lots of my sidebars.
And many of these imports are Partials. I mean: I @import the same Partial in lots of sidebars
Do you think the job would be better done using Houdini? (which I already have but never use)
Suggestions, please. MTIA

I don’t know for sure but since buying Houdini I don’t use Pluskit to bring things into the sidebar any more. Houdini ‘feels’ lighter, doesn’t introduce an extra page and works really well. PlusKit still has plenty of uses but for your purposes I prefer Houdini.



You have to remember, Houdini can only be used on Stacks pages, so if you are using Pluskit to non-stacks pages, that is the only way to do it.

+1 for Houdini… in Stacks

You should remember that Partials are Stacks. Many thanks

I know they are stacks, I was just making sure as we have had many support tickets come in asking why Houdini will not put their content in the side bar of their blog page or their contact form page. Some people think it works that way.

Another possibility is BlueBall’s Freestacks DivLoader stack.

@peterdanckwerts Mmmm. I do not know it. I will check it out, many thanks.
Ok, you all have convinced me, I am changing all my @import in Houdini.
Many thanks to everybody

I believe you would need to purchase the entire FreeStacks theme for that, so probably not worth it.

You don’t need to buy the theme (it will work with any theme). It’s part of the Add-Ons Pack 1 which costs $12. Sadly, this add-on pack is for the non-responsive version. Presumably if the source div is responsive, so will the imported div be – but I’m guessing.