Hover effect on armadillo headlines

Hi, I suspect the answer to this is “No”, but just in case.

I am using Armadillo’s headline stack, displaying a number of headlines in a grid. It would be great to be able to show a hover effect of some sort when cursor is over an individual post headline. Any ideas anyone?



What kind of hover effect are you wanting? CSS can do accomplish quite a bit in this regard, and can be added via the Custom Styles field in the Settings tab of Armadillo’s online dashboard. If you’re new to CSS we have some (albeit, older) videos for using CSS in RW at http://rapidweaver.pro

Thanks Jonathan, I have looked at the excellent CSS videos before and used them successfully. Because I came to Rapidweaver without any CSS knowledge and because I can obviously do so much without it, I tend to forget what I have used. But I will go back again. Thanks for the steer.

For part of my project I have resorted to having Armadillo solo content stack sitting inside LinkBox and I am hoping to get a background shading of the entire solo content on hover to indicate the link.

Similarly, elsewhere on the site, I am using the Armadillo headlines stack, the headline part of which is, by definition a link of course, and I would like it to behave the same with background shading of the headline part appearing on hover. In an ideal world I would have preferred to have the preview text being part of the link to the post as well, but I am not expecting to achieve that!!

Thanks again for the Armadillo stacks. They are really useful and represent fabulous value for money.

All the best


From what you’ve described, this should be feasible (to a certain extent) with just CSS, depending on the underly HTML structure. I’m not familiar with the LinkBox stack, but if you run into any difficulties and can provide a link to a page then I can help point you in the right direction.

Thank you Jonathan for the CSS steer. I have used the following code successfully on the solo content pages. As you will see I have targeted the LinkBox div that contains the solo content:

.linkBox:hover {

background: rgba(243, 177, 131, .25)


What I would like to do now is something similar but for individual headlines returned by the Armadillo Headlines stack. In other words I want to treat each header and the preview text as a block which is a link to the relevant article. I would then dispense with the read more suffix.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

All the best


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