How 2 add photos 2 album

I haven’t used RW for a couple of years, so I’ve forgotten just about everything I once knew.

Putting together a site and added a photo album page. Now, how the *&%# do you get photos on to the page? Selecting them in Finder and trying to drag them onto the page doesn’t work. Trying to drag them in from “resources” does nothing (and by the way, just what is this “resources” thing for?).

I invoked Help:Rapidweaver Manual, and didn’t find a manual there. I did a search on that page for “add photo to album” and found nothing useful.

This app has to be one of the most unintuitive apps I’ve seen, and the “help” is among the least helpful. Yes I know there are video tutorials, but how about just some clear written instructions on how to accomplish this most basic of tasks? I am not happy with RW8.

I have never been happy with RW photo Albums…Stacks rules.

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