How can I change the with of the "sidebar"?

(Henry Crespo) #1

I am a new user of Rapidweaver, how can I change the with of the “sidebar”?

(scott williams) #2

that is controled by the Theme, look in the inspector area there are usually options there but it depends on the theme.

(Henry Crespo) #3

Thank you for you reply, but is there a way to modify it without changing the Theme

(scott williams) #4

I have no idea what theme you are using so its hard to be specific. If you look at the inspector for the theme there is usually a place to set sidebar on/off right/left and sometimes size. this can be done by page if you wish.

(Greg Schneck) #5

Make sure you want to use the built in sidebar… . If I were starting a site I’d use NO sidebar in my Theme but I would design pages with Stacks3/stacks and do the sidebar as a stacks partial. That way you have all the advantages of using Stacks3/stacks for your sidebar.