How can I change the with of the "sidebar"?

I am a new user of Rapidweaver, how can I change the with of the “sidebar”?

that is controled by the Theme, look in the inspector area there are usually options there but it depends on the theme.

Thank you for you reply, but is there a way to modify it without changing the Theme

I have no idea what theme you are using so its hard to be specific. If you look at the inspector for the theme there is usually a place to set sidebar on/off right/left and sometimes size. this can be done by page if you wish.

Make sure you want to use the built in sidebar… . If I were starting a site I’d use NO sidebar in my Theme but I would design pages with Stacks3/stacks and do the sidebar as a stacks partial. That way you have all the advantages of using Stacks3/stacks for your sidebar.

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