How can I create a contest with entries & storing/access to entries?

I designed a simple RW website for a non-profit. They would like me to create a contest with a simple way to submit entries and store/access to entries.

I imagine it’s not too difficult to create the entry form, which will collect basic contact info and optional submission content (profile image, written essay, photo uploads, or video link).

How can I get each entry to automatically render online in the background in such a way for my client and judges to review entries? I see this as a one pager without showing their profile info to judges. It would show their optional essay, photo gallery image(s), and/or video links. What are some ways I could get the judging to work?

I’ve never built anything like this and I know they can’t spend a lot of money doing this, so I’m open to suggestions on ways we can do this in a cost effective manner. Maybe there’s already a contest platform out there I should use instead and just link to it.

We would like to repurpose this contest and have more contests like this in the future.

Thanks for your advice.

My first thought would be to use a simple form and POST the entries to a table in a mysql database. You would have to do some minor coding to retrieve just the fields you want from the table for the judges page.

Have you looked at Machform?