How can I edit the footer

(Mira Talumare) #1

can someone please tell me how I can edit the footer of my theme "Split"?
I would like to insert 3 columns with texts there.
Do I need a special stack for this?
Or how can I get into this footer at all?
Thanks for a good advice.

(David) #2

You could use the Houdini Stack by Joe Workman to insert a column stack into the footer. I think there is another similar stack to do the same but can’t remember the name of it at the moment.

(Doug Bennett) #3

If you’re using stacks pages why not just build a partial call it footer and place at the bottom of each page?
Not at my Mac now but I think you can turn off most of the standard footer stuff in settings.

(Joe Martin) #4

I just used Houdini and it works great…
Let me know if you need any help.

(Mira Talumare) #5

Now I could build a footer with the Houdini stack.
Thanks for this good help!
Meanwhile, I have changed my theme.
Now I work with the theme Voyager.
There is already a footer created.
I would like to hide it completely or place it under the Houdini.
Is there something possible? and how would that work?

It would be great, if you could help me again!
Thanks :heart:

(Joe Martin) #6

Houdini puts what you build under it…
you can uncheck the items under general and then add what you want in the Houdini stake…it should just be working when change themes.

(Mira Talumare) #7

You are my hero!
Thank you so much!!!

(Joe Martin) #8

No problem

(system) #9

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