How can I Publish Manually?

My website is now down for some days since I cannot get it published using the built in “Smart” publishing. I made a change to a blog and it starts to publish 1400 files. Then it manages perhaps 700 and has an error. When it restarts publishing with the same 1400 files. This has gone on for 4 days now. I am in an area where internet access is somewhat weak and the publishing takes 2 hours, then fails and must start again. Obviously I need this fixed since my website is an important part of my business - and it is down :frowning:

Why does it always republish the entire number of files when it restarts??

How can I do a manual publishing?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions…


Paul, if you can export the site’s files to a local directory, do you have ftp access to your server’s html directory? If so, maybe you can upload them all from there. Good luck!

Thanks Mark,

I am trying your suggestion now using Cyberduck. Three hours to go for my 1478 blog files :smile:

Whenever I add a blog file of any sort it seems to require all the blog files including all previous images to be uploaded… I’ll create a separate post asking that this be corrected in a future upgrade.

Best regards