Publishing Built In Blog - Everything?

I’m having occasional issues publishing my RapidWeaver site with a number of blog entries … using the build in blog.

RapidWeaver: 8.4.1
Mac OSX: 10.14.6
Hosting Service:

I’m using the built in publishing feature of RapidWeaver. It’s so convenient when it works to just press the PUBLISH button.

Issue 1 - Occasionally the publish feature will fail with a ftp connection error somewhere along the way. This shouldn’t be a big issue, however it doesn’t seem to remember what it’s completed. See issue 2.

Issue 2 - Even though RapidWeaver has published a large number of blog entries. If it fails, it seems to start over and has to upload all 470 of them again.

Issue 3 - I can make a minor change to a single blog entry … however when it publishes, it uploads all 470 blog entries again.

I suspect I’ll get a number of suggestions to use another blogging plug in … I’m open to that, especially if it can use the existing bog entries in the built in blog.

Thanks for any assistance.


I don’t know of any other blog that would use the built in blog plugin entries, unfortunately you would have to copy and paste those old entries.

As for the issue # 1, and if you get that one squared away then issue # 2 isn’t an issue. It’s been years since I had any sites at Little Oak, so I don’t remember if they support SFTP publishing? The reason I’d ask is SFTP is not only secure but also much more reliable. So I’d give that a try.

I’m not sure about issue # 3, don’t use the built-in blog.

Thanks for the suggestion to use sftp. I did enable that and so far it’s working.

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