How did you decide to get into web design?

If anyone cares to answer. I am curious how did people here get into web design? Also does anyone here do any other jobs beside building and designing ? How do you get your clients? And last but not least how long does it take you to typically design a site ?
I think this is a wonderfully diverse crowd and I was just curious.

Years ago I owned a homeopathy clinic I built a website for. I used Golive, but when Golive has gone I tried to use DreamWeaver but then came RapidWeaver (don’t remember, if it was version 2 or 3). For me it was the combination between technics and creativity that was fascinating and so I switched to web design step by step

By now I’m retired and webdesign is a side job

Sitting next to the phone and waiting… Or so.

That absolutely different. It can happen that I develop a site in one day. But my most time-consuming project took 1 1/2 years until I could publish the site.

The most common problem is the lacking input from customers, they cannot provide text material or pictures or the text or the images are so bad that I have to convince them to contact a professional web texter or a photographer. Another common problem is that the customer wants fundamental changes in the end of the development process (“just a little red line here…”) and I start from the beginning

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Thank you, I am working on some sites now that are news blogs an want to put as much news content as possible before I release them to make the site look lived in :slight_smile: