How do I copy my project file/ rw7 file so a developer can look at it

(gary pullings) #1

I sent the file I use to open my RW7 project to a developer and he is telling me that it is not the correct file. How do I send the current project file that I have and am using?

That is my only file I use to open my rw project? any suggestions?

(Doobox Software) #2

If when you double click that file, and the project that opens in RW is the project in question, then that is the file.
The only thing I can think is, maybe you made some change in the project today, then send the file to the dev, before hitting save in RW, so the file you sent would not have contained your changes. Just a maybe.

(Mark Sealey) #3

Or that the file is, strictly-speaking, ‘correct’ but the developer lacks one or more Theme or Add-on which you have used.

Or even that they have an earlier version of RW, or the OS?

(gary pullings) #4

Ok please see the screen shot, I can’t figure this out.

(Mark Sealey) #5

Gary, which answers do you get when you ask your developer which version of RapidWeaver they have on which OS; and whether they have the same Themes and Addons as you do

How are you sending it to them… 224 MB is a huge file?

(gary pullings) #6

I don’t know his OS, I am sending it through Google Drive due to the size. And yes it is huge due to the large amount of information on the site and 10 years worth of news letters.

(Doobox Software) #7

With the project open in RW, however you get there. Go to the file menu in the top toolbar and select “save as”. Save the project to some new location like your desktop.
This will create a new copy of the project file at that location, and that absolutely has to be “the project file”.

(gary pullings) #8


RW doesn’t have a save as function anymore am I missing a function?

(Doobox Software) #9

(gary pullings) #10


Do I have a different version than you? Mine doesn’t have a save as button

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #11

The version of the OS has no out come on this, or at least shouldn’t. I see you compressed the file. It is the one that ends in .zip. This is the file the developer will want. Why? Because the RapidWeaver file is not really a file at all, but a folder, made to look like a file if the computer it is on has the RapidWeaver app on it.

Now, between the two screenshots, you have these two files:
FFFC 6-24-2016 new theme
FFFC 6-24-2016
as being highlighted. These are two different files. It looks like you zipped (or compressed) the one that does NOT have the words new theme in it, if that is not the latest version of your file, than that might be the one he is saying is wrong.