RW7 can't be used! File doesn't open

I bought RW7 several days ago.

My Computer is Mac High Sierra.

I started to make my Homepage, but soon, the File cannot be opened.

It shows following message…

"A great website has humble beginnings - let’s get started by adding a page to your project.

Getting Started Video Series”

And click to, RW8 Introduction Page.

But I need not RW8.

So, I can’t show and edit my homepage(under construction…)

I want to use RW7!

Please show solutions!

Where did you buy Rapidweaver 7?

App Store.

I’m surprised it’s still for sale. This sounds like one for @ben or @dan or one of the other RealMac team.

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Have you tried selecting (highlighting) the Project file, right clicking, and “open with” (Rapidweaver)?

of course

Don’t click on the ‘Getting Started Video Series’

Click on the + Add button at the top left and add the pages you need.

Thank you.
I have my editing file by using RW7.
This file can’t be open…
When I click +Add button, can’t view my file.

Not sure I understand. You won’t see your file when you click the +Add button, that’s how you create a new project and add pages to it.

Can you do that, add a page and save the project, then load it again?

To load a RW 7 project file, you use File > Open, not the +Add button

You said you right clicked on the RW project file and said open with RW? Can you actually see that RW file, what is it called?

I bought RW7 software last week.
At first I could make new file, and could edit in several days.
But from yesterday, suddenly, the editing file (under construction) could be open.

I think I will ask Apple-Japan stuff tomorrow…
Thank you very very much!!!

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