RW7 → RW8 🤩 How to transfer project file? 🤔

Hello everyone,

I just upgraded to RW8 :partying_face:

How can I transfer my project from RW7 to the new and shiny RW8?


You could double click on the project file or drag and drop it on the RW 8 icon. Do not worry about losing your RW 7 project file, RW 8 will create a new version that only works with RW 8, so you will still be able to use your old one if something happens to it in the conversion (nothing should, but it is a good back up system). Yes, you can run both RW 7 and RW 8 on the same machine.


Hello Robert,

Thanks for your reply.

Where do I have the option to do that? I tried it from there (see picture), but it doesn’t let me click/drag the Adriano’s website Project to RW8

Thanks for your assistance :slight_smile:

You need to find the project files with finder. If you don’t know where they are try searching for file extensions .rw7

Thank you Doug !. All done :slight_smile:



Hey guys!

I have two RW7 projects that I double clicked and opened/saved in RW8 format. Worked, but both projects are now very slow, choppy and lagging to work with…
Any ideas why?

Activity Monitor on my iMac shows up to 80% CPU usage when scrolling through the project

This happens only in edit mode, preview mode is nice and smooth

Thanks & cheers!

I’m unaware of any one thing that would cause the issue. I don’t know of any others reporting a problem like this specific to RW8.

  • Does this happen when creating a new project?
  • Does the samething happen with these projects in RW7?
  • Does this happen on every single page?

Without more details like how large the project is, what kinds of plugins are being used, and what other resources might be effecting performance, it’s going to be difficult to get help.

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Hi Doug,

thank you for your reply!

I was trying a ton of things and found out that when unpacking the pages partials, everything works better, but still not fully normal.
when editing a partial, everything works on full speed

I also checked the points you mentioned:

  • the site is build with foundry throughout
  • project size is 17,3 MB
  • creating a new project seems fine (I jus added some random content of stacks, pix, etc)
  • deleting everything inside the project and start with a new page seems fine, too
  • I don’t have RW7 on my new iMac, so I don’t know how it behaves, though on my old iMac the project works fine in RW7
  • I imported the working RW7 from my old iMac again and opened it in RW8.1, same results - lagging and choppy
  • effect is noticeable on every single page in the project
  • all stacks are up to date

Maybe this will help to find the problem?

Thanks & cheers,


So it definitely is project specific, I would suggest a process of elimination.
@isaiah out lines a quick way to go through a stacks page and find the culprit on this post:

Thanks for your help, will try that!

Cheers, Markus

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