How do I edit tags in Total CMS

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I need to change some tags created in Total CMS.
When I delete them they stay in the system. ie They show up in the seach bar that is made up of Tags …
I need to delete or edit …so that the original is completely gone. The only way I seem to be able to do it is delete all posts with incorrect tag. But there must be an easier way. I’d really appreciate any advice!

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If I am understanding your question…
Tags (and categories) are managed automatically, the only way to remove from the list box/auto complete is to make sure no blog posts use the tag/category. If even one post uses the tag/category it will show as an option. Which makes sense.

You don’t have to delete the old posts, just change/remove the tag or category from them.

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My problem is that if I do change / remove or edit the tag …the old one still stays in the system.
I have created a search bar made up of Tags in the sidebar. So …for example if I have the tag CARS and I change it to CARS AND TRUCKS. The CARS stay in my sidebar search box. So after a few tag changes the search bar is a total mess.

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I’m desperate for an answer because if I cant find a way to get rid of those old tags I need to start all over again and delete all the previous days work. I feel there must be a way… but I can’t find it.

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Look at all the posts in your cmsadmin page, do any of them still use the tag CARS? If so, you need to edit those posts and delete the CARS tag and add the CARS AND TRUCKS tag. When none of the remaining posts contain CAR the tag will disappear (I am assuming you did not add a static tag list anywhere in the RW CMS UI)

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swilliam you have saved my life. Thank you. Makes total sense … once ALL entries with old tag are corrected it will vanish. Pheeew. THANK YOU

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A BIG THANK YOU to @swilliam for the assist on this one.

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