RW8 Built in Blog Listing Headings

Can I add another heading to the RW8 Built in Blog listing? IN particular I’d like to see “Tags” in addition to Title, Categories, and Date.

I apologize for the simple question … can’t seem to find the answer. I’d appreciate coaching on how to find this type of information too.

Thanks so much.

There’s a setting for Tags in the right hand panel in edit mode. You have to ‘Enable’ them first.


I do have them enabled in the inspector panel. I just don’t see how to make them show up in the main listing of entries (like Categories).

Have you got a URL?


My posting goes up fine with the Categories and Tags. What I’m trying to see is the Tag for each Blog listing in the Edit window. This works fine for Categories, I just don’t see how to add Tags to the listings …

I’m clearly not understanding you. The Tags panel is right there in the Edit window under Categories in your screen shot. It’s got a tag - BGCMV - in it.


Yes … I can dine tags and they will show up on my site.

I’m looking at the Blog Entry Listing Window. It was a row for each blog entry and has columns for Title, Category and Date Created. I would like to also see a column for Tags in this listing window.

Any idea?


I see now. As far as I know this isn’t supported. I can’t find a way to do it.

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