Why are the tag and catagory sections in the blog area greyed out and not allow me to edit?

They are editable in the other pages.

You have to enable them. See this screen.

I see, and then after enabling them I enter categories and tags in that same section and then type them in again for the applicable page? I am a little confused what I type into “title” and then why inside the title box it says “Filed in:” “Separator” is a grouping of tags/categories which can be applied later?

I think I am starting to figure some of my questions out. It looks like you enter the tags on the left and then it comes up in that section on the right. And then the separator is what is between the tags in a tag cloud I would guess. Ah, and title must be whatever you want to appear above those tags. It was hard to find the info for this. Just assumed there would be a five minute video that would explain it but I think I almost got it.

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