Total CMS Gallery Question

(Wolf Ademeit) #1

For a forum I like to use the TotalCMS Gallery Stack, because it creates a wonderful Gallery. But there is one problem. This Gallery will be used by many users and I search for a way, that a unser only can upload to the gallery and only a admin can edit, tag or delete Pictures. I’d tried to use the TotalCMS Image Stack with the same CMS ID, but that don’t work.

(Joe Workman) #2

The following CSS will hide that toolbar bar for you…


(Wolf Ademeit) #3

Thanks a lot, that works - you saved my day…

(Wolf Ademeit) #4

Sorry, one more Question. Is it possible to disable that older uploads not visible and also add a invisible tag, in this case the user name, for the upload?

(Joe Workman) #5

You lost me with that one… If you want to add some sort of tag to an image in the gallery, this is not something that I plan on doing right now. Maybe in the future, but I would not expect it anytime soon to be honest.