How do I go back to Rapidweaver 6

I upgraded this morning, but alas, my whole site, designed using the Shift theme, is a mess.

It is probably down to add-ons or something, but for now I figured I’d just go back to Rapidweaver 6.

My only worry is that in the process of going back I’m worried I’ll end up losing add-ons. I already seem to have lost my Shift theme - which I got for being a member of the community (my membership has lapsed), and stupid me deleted all the files in my download folder to make enough room to install El Capitan last night - argh!

Anyone know if I just reinstalled RW6 will everything be back to how it was.

Add ons where copied if you told RW 7 to do so it does not kill RW 6 so open the old RW 6 project file and it should be where you left it when working in RW 6

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