Project Migration from 6 to 7 Problems

Is anyone else having serious issues with themes when migrating projects from 6 to 7? I’ve only had one of several projects that I attempted to move over that just worked. The rest of basically broken the sites. Elements have been hidden or overlapped, visually the sites are just disasters.

Anyone else suffering these types of issues?

Nope all my projects moved over but I was very careful to check my add ons folder to make sure everything was in place

I’ve only done one so far, but alas, it busted it good and proper. It was using the Shift theme and used various add-ons. I just assumed everything would be moved over automatically.

I’m looking at alternative themes now to see if there’s a great look Rapidweaver 7 one that will work for me. I’m sure there will be and then I should be able to rebuild it in not too much time.

My add ons and stacks, (I primarily use stacks for everything) was fine. It completely blew up and javascript I had added and broke the page. By removing it and finding, admittedly much less elegant solutions, I was able to get the pages functioning again. At least for one of my sites, but I haven’t even tried to tackle the other one. Though it was an javascript based animation that was being broken.